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戴九安曝录音海南黄页"Three thousand?" Seibel nodded: "I want to lead five thousand elite people, stationed in the north county, you will continue to stay in huaili, training recruits, while sending someone to changan for help, I will write a letter, please general wen yuan to help."However, In Lyu3 bu4's view, These are far from enough, when South Xiongnu went south to naturalize, But 50,000 people, But now, after untold years of development, A southern handsome can take twenty thousand people to west cool plunder, the south, Korea hence don't know with what excuse, unexpectedly will five huns all please, calculate the huns left in hetao, south xiongnu now population, not under three hundred thousand, this is how terrible a number, this is a race of all the people!Rumble ~

Thin man, impressively is the former dong zhuo general cioffi.Yang Wang looked at the crowd, sink a track: "I have promised to recruit general west, fully assist him, but if the soldiers in the family to go to war, the internal will be empty, this person is not willing to share the road with us, will certainly harbor evil intentions, if we take advantage of the emptiness of the family, he took the opportunity to attack, what should be good?" So we must do it first, and his people will be divided among them. ""Let's go!" Lyu3 bu4 waved, keep these people here, is to let them see the granary was burned, let the horse superbirth not a fluke in the heart.戴九安曝录音"Order now!" Seibel glance swept to all: "the will have any objection?"

戴九安曝录音Lyu3 bu4 hands and fingers crossed in front of the chest, slightly behind the body, shook his head and said: "until the end, don't affirm!"Riverbank, with seibel army step by step, can stand less and less figure, seibel ready to gush up, annihilate the group of jun remnants of iniquity, in the distance on the road, a burst of dust, and a military forces rushed this way.A victory did not let cao cao self-inflated, he is very clear, don't say yan liang brought hundreds of military forces and not fold here, even if yan liang annihilated, cao cao also will never think the situation will be reversed, now lombardi still control the trend, this is not a victory can be reversed.

"Han Sui?" D bright red eyes, recovered a little clear, silently nodded, slowly raised the day Wolf gun: "you stay to deal with them, others, with me to kill Korean thieves!"On the towers, Zhang is a face of black line looking at without warning with people into the city of He Yi, Just left a stupid guy, Now came in a two-fooled, change a head normal point of generals, how much will hesitate, think about whether there will be fraud, before zhang both let people open the gates, but also hope that if lyu3 bu4 army really kill, cheat him in an empty city, who wants to come to a two-fooled, see the gates open, rushed in without hesitation.Liu Meng frown at Korea hence, face gradually cooled down: "We this time, but to hundreds of soldiers, tu ge? Moon people such a small family, but not the courage to sign with us, Korea hence, I think you should pay attention to the attitude of talking to me, I'm not your dogs, to see your face!"戴九安曝录音




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